Have you ever wanted something so badly

you think about it day & night? Have you pushed through with all of your might and done everything "right" with no or very little results?

We all know that timing is everything yes? What if I told you that there are 8 hours each month that are more potent than the other 720 to make all of your dreams come true?

Farmers consult a publication called the farmers almanac to find out when is the best time to plant crops. It’s a New Moon calendar. You want your hair to grow faster? Get it cut on a new moon! Anything that is seeded right after a New Moon will grow better & faster including your manifestations.

In the book New Moon Astrology, Jan Spiller has it down to a science. You see, the only reason you don’t have everything you want in your life is because you have inner resistance to it. When you let the universe know what you want AT THE RIGHT time (by writing it down), you become the powerful co-creator of your existence with the divine. Your resistance gets resolved from the inside out. With wishing, you don’t have to push so hard for what you want, you start to magnetically attract it.

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You don’t need to know or understand anything about astrology! I will guide you in a simple cohesive way, this will take you 10 minutes per month.

The universe is on your side. “What you yearn for in your heart is your destiny and worthy of pursuit.” - Jan Spiller

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